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Right-wing nationalist formations like "If Americans Knew" and Bashar Assad cheerleaders like the International Action Center are hurting the cause of standing up to the Zionist machine in New York City.

Development of the Gaza Marine 1 and 2 offshore blocs has been held up by conflict over the Strip and its waters. Is "Protective Edge" aimed at securing them under Israeli control?

Hebron and the West Bank are heavily militarized as Israeli troops hunt for three youths whose abductions have now been claimed (somewhat dubiously) in the name of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

News that a suspect in the Brussels Jewish museum killings fought in Syria with the insurgent group ISIS comes as European police escalate their crackdown on Syria "returnees."

The rise of far-right "anti-Europe" parties in the Europarliament elections echoes escalating ultra-nationalist and neo-fascist rhetoric on both sides in the Russo-Ukraine conflict.

Protests are mounting over a supposedly Islamophobic film to be screened at New York City's newly opened Ground Zero museum—yet few people have actually seen it. What is the truth here?

Hundreds marched in Lviv to mark the anniversary of the formation of a Ukrainian SS division, which fought for the Nazis against the USSR in World War II.



Omar Barghouti, independent Palestinian political analyst, makes the case for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.


Bill Weinberg speaks at the NYC Anarchist Forum on "Neither NATO Nor Qaddafi, Thank You: Anarchist Perspectives on Libya and the Arab Spring," April 27, 2011


A panel on the global economic crisis and recent world social movements, held at the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York's main auditorium (in Astoria, Queens) on February 26, 2011