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Palestinian activist Suhaib Zahida was ordered detained by an Israeli court for starting an "Intifada of Hebron" Facebook page and advocating a boycott of Israeli products.

As a ceasefire went into effect, Hamas urged Gazans to take to the streets and "celebrate victory and the fulfillment of the Palestinian people's demands."

Hamas spokesman Abu Ubaida said in a televised speec that Israel had "failed" in its assault on Gaza and called upon the Palestinian negotiating delegation in Cairo to return home.

Palestinian Islamic leaders said a long-term ceasefire and lifting of the siege on Gaza would be announced soon, claiming "great progress" in negotiations.

As Israel resumed its bombardment of Gaza, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal stressed that the group was ready to "coexist with the Jews" but would not tolerate "occupiers."

Some 7,000 gathered in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square in the largest Israeli protest against the bombardment of Gaza thus far. Slogans included "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies."

An anti-war march in Tel Aviv—under the banner “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies!”— was attacked by right-wing thugs chanting "Death to Arabs!"