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The Israeli military's Civil Administration on the West Bank has filed plans for a new settlement in the Jordan Valley, where thousands of Bedouins will be forced to relocate.

Clashes broke out as thousands attended the funeral for two Palestinian men killed by Israeli forces overnight during an "ambush" in the Hebron area.

A blast at a Jewish cemetery in Bolivia follows attacks on a synagogue. Jewish commentary on the attacks emphasizes Evo Morales' protests of the Gaza bombardment.

Eight Palestinian migrants from Gaza survived a devastating shipwreck near Malta, with dozens feared dead. The majority of those on board were Syrians and Palestinians.

Israeli authorities announced confiscation of an unprecedented 4,000 dunums (1,000 acres) of private Palestinian land near Bethlehem under an 1858 Ottoman ordinance.

Palestinian activist Suhaib Zahida was ordered detained by an Israeli court for starting an "Intifada of Hebron" Facebook page and advocating a boycott of Israeli products.

As a ceasefire went into effect, Hamas urged Gazans to take to the streets and "celebrate victory and the fulfillment of the Palestinian people's demands."