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After 21 years, the investigation into a massive anti-Semitic bombing took another hit when the prosecutor in the case was found dead, right before he was to testify.

It's not clear that anyone in Argentina's political class really wants the AMIA case solved. Israel and the US don't look much better. And suspect suicides are nothing new.

The UN hearings on anti-Semitism will certainly enflame anti-Semitism—affording Israel the opportunity for propaganda exploitation, and Jew-haters to exploit the backlash.

The Christmas night fire-bombing of a mosque in Sweden follows weeks of mounting threats and attacks against Jews in cities across the Scandinavian country.

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling on Israel to pay Lebanon over $850 million for an oil spill caused by air-strikes on a power station during the 2006 war.

A supposed ISIS flyer circulating on social networks has warned 18 writers and poets in Gaza against what it calls criticizing Islam, stating that ''apostates will be punished."

The European Parliament passed a resolution supporting recognition of Palestinian statehood and a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.