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As charges were dropped against President Cristina Fernández, the intelligence service dissolved and cabinet purged, opposition lawmakers said a "self-coup" is in the works.

Extremist Jewish settlers set fire to a mosque in the southern West Bank, as the Israel Electric Corporation cut power to Nablus and Jenin over a supposed debt arrears.

Hundreds of residents and environmentalists protested in the occupied Golan Heights as exploratory oil drilling was initiated by US-owned Afek Oil & Gas.

Did Argentina's President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner strike a secret deal with Tehran to cover up Iran's role in a terror attack in exchange for gauatntees of oil imports?

Raed Jihad Abu Rmeila, a photographer for the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem was injured after being hit by an Israeli settler vehicle in Hebron.

Hezbollah fighters attacked an Israeli military convoy in the Shaba'a Farms border area—contested by Israel, Lebanon and Syria—in retaliation for an Israeli air-strike on Syria.

After 21 years, the investigation into a massive anti-Semitic bombing took another hit when the prosecutor in the case was found dead, right before he was to testify.