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Several Palestinians including a journalist were injured when Israeli forces opened fire on a march in the eastern Nablus village of Huwwara commemorating the Nakba.

The growing consensus in Israel for a Jewish-supremacist state and genocidal solution to the Palestinian question is further consolidated in the new far-right coalition.

As charges were dropped against President Cristina Fernández, the intelligence service dissolved and cabinet purged, opposition lawmakers said a "self-coup" is in the works.

Extremist Jewish settlers set fire to a mosque in the southern West Bank, as the Israel Electric Corporation cut power to Nablus and Jenin over a supposed debt arrears.

Hundreds of residents and environmentalists protested in the occupied Golan Heights as exploratory oil drilling was initiated by US-owned Afek Oil & Gas.

Did Argentina's President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner strike a secret deal with Tehran to cover up Iran's role in a terror attack in exchange for gauatntees of oil imports?

Raed Jihad Abu Rmeila, a photographer for the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem was injured after being hit by an Israeli settler vehicle in Hebron.