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Jerusalem: sweeps in wake of attack

Israeli authorities revoked permits for Palestinians to enter Jerusalem and Israel in response to a deadly attack in East Jerusalem's Old City—then launched a a mass arrest campaign, rounding up hundreds for being in the city without a permit. At least 350 Palestinians were detained in a single day, with those holding West Bank IDs being forced to board buses and sent back to the occupied territory. A police statement added that Israeli forces are continuing security measures in an around the Old City "to prevent further attacks and respond if necessary." One Israeli police officer was killed in the knife attack outside the Old City's Damascus Gate. Israeli soldiers responding to the attack killed three Palestinians.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, but Palestinian organizations released statements rejecting this claim. A Hamas statement said the attack was carried out by one of its militants along with two from the PFLP. The statement called the attack "a natural response to the crimes of the occupier."  (Ma'anAl Jazeera)

An ISIS franchise in Gaza had been previously named as the "Supporters of the Islamic State in Jerusalem," but there is much controversy as to whether it actually exists.