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What we stand for

Jews are a multiplicity of ethnicities (Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardi, etc.) with common bonds of identity and shared histories of persecution. Whether or not you believe that these ethnicities together constitute a nation, Zionism is deeply inimical to Jewish interests and survival.

Israel is an extension of US imperialism, doing its dirty work of intimidating regional enemies with periodic military aggression and a rogue nuclear arsenal. The US has no special interest in oppressing the Palestinians, but they are powerless enough to be expendable in the Great Power game.

Israel is replicating the historical function of anti-Semitism: providing useful scapegoats for when the system goes into crisis. Now that the system is starting to do so, anti-Semitism enters mainstream discourse, with bizarre theories proliferating that the Jewish client state actually controls the imperial center, Washington. (Similar theories, not surprisingly, also proliferate about the oil-rich Arabs.) Even so-called "progressives" increasingly embrace these fascistic ideas.

The way to fight back is by advancing a legitimate anti-Zionism that defends pan-Semitic dignity. Jews, long oppressed by European power as a Semitic people, have become the goy empire's proxy police force against fellow Semites. Other Jews—the rest of us—have every interest in repudiating this, and building solidarity with the Palestinians and other civil resistance forces in the Arab world.

Zionists have thrown in their lot with The Man no less than the Jewish tax-collectors of 19th-century Russia and Poland. It was the peasant Jews who paid in the pogroms when the backlash came. It is time for Jews to wise up.

We call for pan-Semitic unity between Jews and Arabs against both Zionism and the related pathologies of Jew-hatred and anti-Arab racism.


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