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Los Angeles Jewish Voice for Peace activist targeted at home

Jewish Voices for Peace

On Feb. 2, Jewish Voice for Peace Los Angeles chapter leader Estee Chandler discovered a "WANTED for treason and incitement against Jews" poster plastered on her front porch. The photo featured her picture, workplace, and most disturbingly, names of nieces and nephew, as well as charges about "anti-Jewish" activity. Jewish Voice for Peace is a national organization with 27 chapters, dedicated to ending Israel’s occupation and promoting a just US foreign policy that recognizes the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.

JVP's press release on the incident notes an alarming recent rise in such harassment. On Nov. 14, members of the group StandwithUS disrupted a JVP local chapter meeting in Berkeley, and one of them pepper-sprayed two JVP members. (JVP press release, Feb. 4)

Ironically, the vandalism at Chandler's home came the day before JVP was featured in the New York Times. The Times account did not mention the incident, although it did mention a similar attack on the home of Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine in May.

Lerner's Berkeley home was plastered with posters accusing him of abetting "Islamofascism." (JTA, May 4, 2010)

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