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Denial on Jew-hatred fuels Zionist backlash ...again

Tell us again how anti-Semitism is all in our paranoid imaginations. We keep forgetting. From the AP, Sept. 19:

PARIS -- A small package bomb exploded inside a kosher grocery store in a Paris suburb Wednesday, wounding at least one person, according to an agency that tracks anti-Semitic attacks in France.

The reason for the attack was unclear, but it rattled nerves amid global tensions surrounding a U.S.-produced film insulting to Islam. The French grocery store attack came a few hours after a satirical French weekly published caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, prompting anger from French Muslim groups.

The "reason for the attack was unclear." Um, do you think it might have had a little something to do with anti-Semitism? Hey, just an idea.

The Jewish Community Protection Service, set up to register anti-Semitic attacks in France, says on its website that two individuals dressed in black threw an explosive device inside a kosher supermarket in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles at lunchtime Wednesday. It says one person suffered small injuries, without elaborating.

Yves Jannier, the state prosecutor in the Val d'Oise region where Sarcelles is located, cautioned that evidence was still being compiled and it was too early to draw any conclusions about motives behind the attack.

"We'll need to analyze, quantify and measure all these elements, such as to know perhaps the type of explosives used," he said at a news conference. "But for now, we should avoid any extrapolation or hasty conclusions."

Right, no "hasty conclusions." Maybe knowing the "type of explosives used" will somehow reveal that an attack on Jewish shopkeepers—during the High Holy Days—was motivated by something other than Jew-hatred.

And, once again, why is it only right-wing Zionists like the Jewish Policy Center that are making these obvious points?

It fills us with despair—not so much that such attacks are happening, but that they are met with such complete denial and cowardice, thereby loaning legitimacy to those who would exploit them for Islamophobic war propaganda...

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