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Elie Wiesel: Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Supporter of Perpetual War

Wiesel's account of the holocaust in his novel "Night" broadened the 20th century European understanding of Nazi horrors, as well as tightened world Jewry by breaking generational barriers. At the same time, Wiesel opposed Palestinian liberation, supported the illegal American invasion of Iraq, and stood beside the Rwandan dictator Kagame who is responsible for the deaths of millions.

Two years after militant Zionist group Irgun killed 91 people at the King David Hotel in 1946, Wiesel joined them in Israel to contribute to their newspaper as a translator. Though the King David Hotel bombing is one of the Irgun's most notable terrorist attacks, there were about thirty other attacks before 1948, the year Wiesel joined for the group. 

Many years later, at the start of 2014's Sukkot, Wiesel wrote in reference to Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem, "we salute the Zionist action in Jerusalem of those involved". Of course, Israeli settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank not only make the "two state" peace proposal less than feasible, but they also actively worsen Palestinian livelihood by increasing segregated roads and foreign military presence. In this time, it is impossible to support both settlers and peace. 

Unfortunately, Wiesel's support for terror doesn't end in Palestine. It extends to the east in Iraq, where he legitimized the destruction of the country by saying