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Israeli activists mobilize to protect aid trucks

Standing Together
Standing Together

For months, groups on the Israeli far right have traveled to the crossings where aid is moved from the West Bank to the Gaza border in an effort to disrupt the shipments—even attacking divers and attempting to destroy the supplies. But now, other groups of Israelis are boarding buses from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and heading to those crossings to try and help the trucks complete their passage into Gaza to deliver the aid. This has sparked stand-offs near the border between right-wing groups such as Tzav 9 and pro-coexistence groups such as Standing Together.

On May 19, activists from Standing Together helped clear the road and reload boxes of humanitarian aid destined for Gaza that had been thrown off a truck by Tzav 9 followers at the Tarqumiyah Crossing in the West Bank.

The name Tzav 9 (Order 9) is a reference to the Order 8 emergency mobilization notice that army reservists received on Oct. 7 last year. (PRIToITNA)