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Ahmadinejad joins 9-11 conspiranoids

Its been a bad week for the 9-11 conspiranoia set. First, the Pentagon shooter appears to have emerged from within their milieu; now Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad weighs in for their wackiness in the most vulgar terms. From CNN, March 7:

Two days before his official trip to Afghanistan, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, a "big lie" intended to pave the way for the invasion of a war-torn nation, according to Iranian state media.

Ahmadinejad, known for his harsh rhetoric toward the West and Israel, said the attack on U.S. soil was a "scenario and a sophisticated intelligence measure," Iran's state-run Press TV reported Saturday.

The assault was a "big lie intended to serve as a pretext for fighting terrorism and setting the grounds for sending troops to Afghanistan," Press TV reported Ahmadinejad as saying...

"Today," he said Saturday, "with blessings from the Almighty, the capitalist system, founded by the Zionists, has also reached an end," Press TV quoted Ahmadinejad.

Too funny. Ahmadinejad invokes the Nazi propaganda concept of the "big lie," even as his own rhetoric is classically fascist. Note the bogus anti-capitalism (even as his own government is imposing austerity), mixed up with the wacky Jew-baiting. (Note to His Excellency's fact-checkers: the capitalist system pre-dates the emergence of Zionism by some 300 years.)

Are the usual idiots going to also claim that this is legitimate "criticism of Israel"?

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