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West Bank settlers reportedly set fire to Palestinian agricultural lands near Nablus after being evicted by Israeli troops from nearby Joseph's Tomb, which they again attempted to occupy.

Israeli army troops shut down Friday anti-wall protests in villages across the West Bank, announcing that the unarmed weekly demonstrations have been declared illegal under new special "closed military zones."

Following an activist campaign, British Prime Minister David Cameron's name has been dropped from the list of honorary patrons of  the Jewish National Fund-UK—accused of complicity in the displacement of Palestinians.

Mohamed al-Korshan, representative of the Bedouin community in the West Bank, spoke at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, calling for recognition of his people as a displaced indigenous group.

WikiLeaks cables reveal embarrassing details of an Israeli military contractor's secret operations in Latin America—sparking a government "hate campaign" against journalists who reported the shenanigans in Panama.

Israeli warplanes launched air-strikes on targets across the Gaza Strip, injuring at least 17 people including seven children—hours after Hamas pledged to commit to a truce if Israel stops bombarding the Strip. 

Thousands of anti-fascists encircled Dresden to block a neo-Nazi "funeral march" commemorating the city's 1945 bombardment, while fascists marched in Budapest to mark its fall to the Allies.