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Neocons diss anti-Semites —yet again... Ho-hum...

Here we go again. We ourselves have noted before the insidious mainstreaming of anti-Semitism in "progressive" discourse by the likes of the execrable MondoWeiss blog. So you'd think we would feel vindicated to see such criticisms getting mainstream play. Armin Rosen in the The Atlantic decries that Peter Beinart's Open Zion blog (on the Daily Beast, in turn affiliated with Newsweek) published a piece by Alex Kane who also writes for MondoWeiss. Now, it has to be said that Kane is one of MondoWeiss' more rational writers, although we do wish he would find a new venue rather than loan legitimacy to the sinister wackiness of MondoWeiss. But Rosen does a good job of calling out that sinister wackiness:

An April 2011 article on the site strongly implied that Mossad agents were involved in the murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigonni, an assertion for which there's no factual evidence. In 2011, contributor Max Ajl argued against "left-wing" condemnation of the Itamar massacre, in which attackers killed five members of a settler family, including a three-month old baby. In 2009, Jack Ross, who has contributed to the white nationalist, Holocaust-denying journal The Barnes Reviewargued on Mondoweiss that "it was not the appeasement, but the internationalist hubris and bellicosity of Chamberlain which started World War II." In other words, lay off the Nazis.

"Iran has never officially denied the Holocaust," Mondowess claimed in April of this year. This statement might be technically true, but it is functionally false. It also reflects a troublingly dismissive attitude towards Holocaust denial on the part of high-ranking Iranian officials.

Yes, we've pointed out too that Ahmadinejad stays out of the outright-denial camp only through the most narrow and slippery use of deniability, and it is pathetic that those who view themselves as "progressive" or on the "left" (as we presume MondoWeiss' editor Philip Weiss does) would fall for his noxious snake-oil. But even we missed Weiss' embrace of the Barnes Review, which, as Southern Poverty Law Center informs us, is the latest spawn of neo-Nazi Willis Carto's Holocaust-denialist Institute for Historical Review. Just great. One of the most widely read blogs on the anti-Zionist left embracing real live freaking Nazis. Is anyone starting to grasp yet that we have a real problem here?

So what's the problem with The Atlantic calling this egregiousness out? We'll tell you the problem. This Armin Rosen also writes (if we are to apply to him the same criteria by which he skewers Alex Kane) for the New Republic, owned by Islamophobic propagandist Martin Peretz. And for the Weekly Standard, soapbox of neocon war-monger William Kristol. And for the smarmy-conservative Propagandist blog. And, of course, for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, pillar of Zionist Consensus Reality.

So Rosen's critique can be easily dismissed as Zionist propaganda by the very people who most need to hear it, and he paradoxically (perhaps intentionally) serves to entrench the incipient alliance between the anti-Zionist left and the neo-fascist right.

Where are the legitimate radical-left voices that are anti-Zionist and anti-fascist—meaning, intrinsically, genuinely opposed to anti-Semitism? For whom neither opposition to Zionism nor opposition to anti-Semitism is a mere afterthought or lip service?

Are we the only ones?


More red herrings, ho-hum...

1. Did anybody here "celebrate the progressive international role of the US"? I certainly didn't do that. (And didn't you mean "should not imply"?)

2. If Max Aji is not justifying killing children as "belligerent reprisals" (even while admitting they are rejected by the Geneva Conventions!) we'd love to know what he is doing. And the question isn't condemning those found guilty in the Itamar massacre, but condemning the massacre. Do you have reading comprehension problems, or are you just moving the goal-post and hoping nobody will notice?

Zero for two.

Cowardly equivocation

So you think we should ignore Ahamdinejad's reactionary politics because same is exploited for imperialist propaganda. A bankrupt and cowardly position that only assists imperialist propaganda by making anti-imperialists look dishonest. I keep hoping the radical left is going to grow up already, and I'm always disappointed. Your attitude is a despicable betrayal of Iran's women and workers. "Pointing out the hypocrisy" is indeed legitimate, but that doesn't square with your admonition against "every mention of" Ahmadinejad's sinister wackiness.

We can condemn the Itamar massacre without endorsing the conviction in the case. In fact, it would be nice if condemning the massacre were superfluous. Unfortunately, Max Aji explicitly made excuses for the massacre, with the imprimatur of MondoWeiss, Robert Wright and you.

The only one to invoke the word "terrorism" here is you.

Argue honestly or take a hike.

your bad indeed

This is pathetic. Ahamedinejad doesn't just "say idiotic things" about the Holocaust. He hosted a Holocaust revisionism confab that was attended by David Duke. Your equivocation is a betrayal of the courageous student protesters who took to the streets to oppose it. They said "marg bar diktator!" but all the Western "left" can say is "Ahmadinejad isn't so bad after all."

Did I or anyone else here utter a defense of the US stance re. Durban? No. So that's just changing the subject.

As stated (there's that reading comprehension problem again), it would be nice if condemnation of the Itamar massacre were superfluous. Unfortunately, Max Aji explicitly made excuses for it, with the imprimatur of MondoWeiss, Robert Wright and you.

What part of "argue honestly or take a hike" don't you understand?

Carlos Latuff?

If you are referring to one of the Flickr-generated images that appear on the right-hand panel, they are not endorsed by this website any more than the Google-generated ads are.

Wilderness yes, but not confused.

Spare me the privilege-baiting. It is rather unbecoming from someone who opposes any pressure on the Israeli state to lift the boot from the Palestinians' necks because some advocates of BDS are not politically correct. Yes, I have spoken with Mizrahi Jews from Israel—who agree with me on the question of Palestine. See below.

Predictable denial

Robert Wright, a senior editor at The Atlantic, predictably responds by accusing Rosen of "McCarthyism" and merely exonerating MondoWeiss of anti-Semitism—as if it were not promoting Nazis! Helloooo...?

How depressing.

Honest irrelevancy?

That's a completely irrelevant question, since neither I nor the people I am critiquing argued either that Ahmadinejad is being honest or cynical.

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