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Dozens demonstrated outside an Israeli court in support of a Palestinian member of the Knesset, Basal Ghattas, after the court extended his detention another day.

The UN Security Council voted to adopt Resolution 2334, that calls on Israel to cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.

Three justices on the Israeli Supreme Court have been sued for authorizing construction of Israel's wall around the West Bank, found illegal by the International Court of Justice.

Under the banner of "Jewish Resistance," protesters rallied outside the Zionist Organization of America gala in Manhattan—where featured speaker was to be Steve Bannon.

Israel's Supreme Court dismissed a petition by the government to postpone evacuating the illegal Amona outpost, built on privately-owned Palestinian land in the West Bank.

The UNESCO resolution against Israel's political archaeology at the Temple Mount counter-productively refered to the site only by its Islamic name, the Ḥaram al-Sharif.

The Israeli army shelled a site allegedly used by Palestinian militant groups in the central Gaza Strip after a rocket fired from the Strip hit an open area in southern Israel.