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A Jewish People's Liberation Organization?

On the "Jews Who Speak Out" e-mail list, we received a message that made us very happy. It was a link to a story on Tony Greenstein's Blog (kicker: "Socialist, anti-Zionist, anti-racist") entitled "The Self-Destruction of Mearsheimer & Walt," calling out John Mearsheimer for endorsing the vile anti-Semite Gilad Atzmonas we have. The piece also calls out Mearsheimer and Walt on their essentially right-wing "wag the dog" thesis, making many of the same points that we made on World War 4 Report in our 2007 critique of  Mearsheimer & Walt's book The Israel Lobby. It also links to a piece we didn't know about (on ZNet) in which Noam Chomsky dissents from the Mearsheimer/Walt thesis, again making many of the same points we made. We don't agree with Chomsky about everything, but we're with him on this one. So we congratulate Greenstein (and Chomsky) on being so astute.

What's really interesting is that the e-mail with this story was sent out to the list by an entity calling itself the "Jewish People's Liberation Organization from Zionism and Anti-Semitism," or J-PLO, seemingly led by one Abraham Weizfeld. A manifesto by Weizfeld, entitled "Not All Jews Are Zionists," is online at the website of the highly problematic Neturei Karta. As we have noted, this ultra-orthodox outfit has participated in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's lugubrious Holocaust-denial confabs in Tehran. 

So we'd like to know more about the J-PLO. Jews do indeed need to be liberated from Zionism and Anti-Semitism. (Yes, Zionism is far more oppressive to Palestinians, but it is also oppressive to Jews.) But is the J-PLO entirely a vehicle of Neturei Karta? We don't oppose alliance with orthodox Jews who reject Zionism on religious principle (like the Satmars), but Neturei Karta is pretty wacky. And the broad principle of the Jewish liberation movement must be secular—with room for both believers and non-believers, orthodox and progressive.

We also aren't too crazy about the outdated name-check of the PLO, whose leaders have largely been co-opted into Israel's surrogate cops.

In any case, we want to start a dialogue. If any J-PLO partisans are reading this, please be in touch, or comment below...

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