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WeJew Videos are hoodlums

I've had an interesting—and perversely satisfying—week on Facebook. Like I always say, there's nothing more vindicating than getting it from both sides.

First, twice over the past week, I was blatantly Jew-baited by Ron Paul supporters, who said charming things like I should shut up because I was "giving the Jews a bad name" and, "you think you're superior because you're a Jew." (In fairness, I must point out that both of these Paulistas later apologized.)

Then, yesterday a stupid post appeared on my wall from a group called WeJew Videos, depicting a lion sticking his tongue out, and saying something like "This is for all you who hate Israel." I commented that while I reject the loaded word "hate," if that was intended for me as a critic of Israel, I welcomed it. I left a link to our story about last week's Israeli high court decision upholding the apartheid "Citizenship Law."

The following exchange ensued. The WeJew dude's words are in bold, and my responses in roman:

before I block you - I wanted to say to you in the name of Israel - fuck off you anti-semite and go to hell..

Back atcha, Jew-baiting scum

the only thing I regret - is that you don't have the courage to stand with me in a room - if you did - you would change your me

Anytime you like.

and yes you can consider that a threat - just like you attack should be attacked..

Bring 'em on

really want my address or can i come to you?

give me your home address and I will come right now

You can contact me thru my website.

if you don't type me your address now

you are a coward and liar and shit

you first say bring it on

and then send me url

you are liar and coward

So you hoodlums can wait outside my door with a baseball bat? No thanks

cmon bill

let's go

You may contact me and we can set up a debate in a public forum. I welcome the opportunity.

let's go where? to your website?

and thanks for the address - watch out for hackers

a debate? you scum

blocking your shitty roman ass

Chat Conversation End

I generally consider it a violation of netiquette to reveal the content of a private chat on the Net. But given that this lovely fellow's words include barely veiled threats of violence and an explicit threat to hack this website, I think it is more than warranted in this case. If this website gets hacked in the coming days, we will certainly know who to blame.

And it is certainly very instructive to have these experiences back-to-back. Anti-Semites and Zionist hoodlums are clearly birds of a feather. In this particular case, the Zionists were worse.



I don't know your politics, nor do I care, but just wanted to applaud you for posting this. I was attacked by wejew a couple of weeks ago as well after I stated that I thought it was inappropriate to post on a FB page that any Jew who supported Obama was a traitor to G-d and Israel (along with a photo of Obama as a muslim terrorist). I thought that as an adjunct to a website that promotes Jewish unity and videos that promote this, using the FB page as a personal outlet was entirely unprofessional, especially in light of the fact that people respect the endeavor of sharing these videos for educational purposes (which include using them, as I did, in classrooms). I got back a string of posts similar to yours, including 'stalking' me through my husbands FB page and calling me a poisonous Reform Jews (sheez - I'm not even reform). Anyway...thankfully I am now blocked from wejew - I will never use their videos again, and I have asked as many people as I know to not use it as well.

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