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Content about Terrorism

September 13, 2011

The "Truthies" and sectarians who protested in downtown Manhattan continue to fetishize 9-11 as much as the patriots they loathe. For both the patriots and the protesters, it is all about the USA—while the Muslim world is finally moving on. 

Ten years after 9-11, there are many hopeful signs that the world is finally moving on from the dystopian dynamic unleashed by the attacks.

September 8, 2011

FBI entrapment tactics so often used against Muslims in bogus "terrorism" cases were used against Stewart Nozette in a bogus "Israeli espionage" case. Yet there is practically no overlap among those who protest these respective abuses. Why is that?

Maryland-based scientist and Energy Department veteran Stewart Nozette pleaded guilty to attempted espionage in federal court and faces 13 years in prison, the Washington Post informs us Sept. 7.