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The UN issued its its report on the deadly 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, criticizing Israel for "excessive and unreasonable" force but finding that the blockade of the Gaza Strip itself is lawful. Turkey responded by recalling its ambassador from Israel. 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called for a federal investigation and Senate hearings into an AP report asserting that the CIA helped the New York Police Department in spying on the city's Musilm communities.

The new regime in Libya now has the opportunity to make a real statement: to welcome back Libya's Jews—while rebuilding Libya's traditional stance of solidarity with the Palestinians. 

The Palestinian bid for UN recognition could deprive Palestinians of international representation by transferring that responsibility from the PLO to a state that doesn't exist yet, a legal briefing warns.

Egypt registered a formal complaint with Israel over the killings of three Egyptian officers at the Sinai border and demanded an investigation—as Israel bombed Gaza for a second day.

Israel carried out air-strikes across the Gaza Strip in response to the militant attack on Eliat—and admonished Egypt for allowing the militants to infiltrate from its territory. The US has meanwhile postponed planed military drills with Egypt.

US Sen. Patrick Leahy is promoting a bill to suspend Washington's assistance to three elite Israel Defense Forces units, alleging they are involved in human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.