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Three months after Tunisia's first post-revolutionary elections brought the  moderate-Islamist Ennahda party to power, the country's Jewish leaders say they have no intention of making aliyah—despite the urgings of Israel.

An Israeli government plan to create a greenbelt around Jerusalem is fueling opposition among Palestinians and their supporters, who say the chain of parks  is a land grab that consolidates Israel's grip on occupied East Jerusalem. 

Israel's rabbinate has taken the decision to phase out the traditional white-turbaned clergy of the Ethiopian Jews, known as the kessoch—whose "unusual religious practices are at odds with the rabbinate's Orthodox Judaism."

Foreign Policy magazine cites US intelligence memos to the effect that Mossad agents recruited militants from the Iranian terrorist group Jundallah by passing themselves off as CIA agents in a "false flag" operation. Does this make sense?

In a move assailed by civil rights groups, Israel’s High Court voted to reject a challenge filed against provisions of the Citizenship Law, which bar Palestinians married to Israeli Arabs from receiving citizenship or residency.

Amid growing tensions in the Persian Gulf, the US and Israel are preparing to hold the largest missile defense exercise in the history of the Jewish state. The drill will involve the deployment of thousands of US troops to Israel.

Even as the Israeli government turns more East Jerusalem land over to hardline Jewish settlers, ultra-orthodox Jews clashed with police at Beit Shemesh suburb over a crackdown on their attempts to enforce gender segregation.