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Vandals torched three cars and scrawled hateful graffiti to mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht this year in Brooklyn's heavily Jewish neighborhood of Midwood. City politicians make the requisite condemnations—even as they betray the Palestinians with endless pro-Israel pronouncements. Where is the single-standard anti-racism?

Occupy Boston activists "stormed" the Israeli consulate in Beantown, chanting "Occupy Wall Street not Palestine." The activists were protesting the interception of the Gaza-bound "Freedom Waves" flotilla by Israeli naval forces the day before.

Veteran French Resistance fighter Stéphane Hessel calls Israel's treatment of the Palestinians an "outrage" and violation of international law.

The Israeli government said it will move ahead with "sensitive housing projects" in East Jerusalem and the West Bank as a rebuttal to UNESCO's decision to grant Palestine full-member status. The US meanwhile cut funds to UNESCO.

Demonstrators gathered in Paris to mark the 50th anniversary of a police massacre of Algerian anti-war protesters that has become one of the most shameful episodes of modern French history—still officially denied by the state.

Reuters reports that Saudi officials advised Argentina about an Iran-backed plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington. Meanwhile, US and/or Israeli agents have carried out three assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists this year.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a big tent, and that's a good thing. But activists should develop some savvy about the conspiranoid thinking that characterizes certain elements at the protests—like their obsessive fixation on the Federal Reserve